ITead Studio “Mystery gift”

Dec 31, 2011   #hardware  #pcb  #stuff 

Just a quick post to thank the guys at ITead Studio for the “mystery gift”! It was supposed to be an xmas gift, but because of Brazilian’s slug-speed mail, it arrived today, on 31 december. Well, I’ll take it as a new year’s gift!

Inside the package came a business card, a 5% discount coupon, some female-female dupont wires and a nifty PCB card demonstrating their manufacturing capabilities (not exactly theirs, but the fab they work with).

The goods

Heck, this is useful, as it helps a lot when choosing some parts package, like whether they will be able to do the footprint of a smaller variant; or in the layout process, knowing limitations like trace width and clearance and hole/drill sizes. Sure they provide the DRC file, but it still nice to have a physical sample and see how it looks like in real life. Also, it’s nice to have it by your side as a quick reference.

If you want to have a glimpse of their job:



Of course there are better services out there, but they’re very expensive. ITead Studio does a great job for the price, you can’t go wrong with them. Just pay attention to they rules. For example, take the BGA footprint example on the card: even if they included it, I don’t believe you can fan-out the pads with their current via and traces limitations. Not in this ball diameter/pitch.

Notice that I haven’t tried they PCB service yet, but another one which I believe uses the same fab. Was very pleased with the results for the price. So, pretty sure their quality is the same or maybe even better, judging by the PCB card sample. Trust them.

Thanks ITead Studio staff! Make sure to check them at